Working Schedule

Having trouble arranging working schedules of employees in your team? Looking for something that functions as a virtual project manager to prepare daily working schedules, manage task for your employees. Well if yes, you seem to be on a perfect platform!

Scheduling task for employees based on deadlines, priorities and budget becomes a stress for project managers and team leaders. As it becomes necessary for them to analyze that project task get handled by the best skilled employers based on their needs and necessary expertise.

Handling such situations is never easy and consumes a lot of time and energy. A flexible working schedule can help one strike a balance between stress and work priority. It helps one to be more productive and focused towards work.

If working schedules are not arranged accordingly, employees get it tough to adjust time to deal with more no of projects and the idea of completing even one becomes futile. But if working schedule is arranged in such a way that employees get equivalent time to deal with all priority projects to complete for the day, it yields better results instead of sticking around with the same project the whole day.

A daily online work scheduler makes much of task to complete for the day easier than any other ways of work scheduling.

happytodos is a web based project management tool that allows you to arrange working schedule for employees of team dealing with no of projects. It acts as a daily work scheduler by automatically filtering the task based on deadlines and budgets and showing you only the top three or four top task priorities that you have to complete for the day. In this way you don’t feel much stress of your work and is able to focus on them.

Basically, when you use other project management software is you get to see all task listed in your dashboard. So, if you have more no of task you are confused which one to start. Also you will have to check each task by opening them and sort them based on their deadlines or priority. This will take enough time and energy from your end.

But when you login to happytodos, things are already set once projects and task has been created. happytodos acts as an online project manager and has prepared the working schedule for each employees so that once they login they can see the most important three or four task to-do’s for the day. Besides if you want to have a full view of your project task assigned list, this is also available. So, no points to  ponder anymore just sign up and start using such a fabulous and comprehensive tool like happytodos to cater your project management needs.


admin 14th September 2011