Working Hours

Why is working hours important in project management?

When you have more task to handle every day, it’s important to keep track of time spend on each activity, so that you can sensibly focus on them simultaneously in equal proportions. Based on demand and requirement, each activity or a task should be given due diligence, so that more time is not wasted in handling a low value task. So, working hours should be flexible enough to make time for each task as per its requirement and to complete them successfully.

To keep track of working hours becomes important in project management as it allows project managers to see if enough time as estimated was invested on project tasks while completing it. This probably will help in evaluating the quality of output and efficiency of employees working on task!

Working hours also plays a major role in project billing cycles, Invoicing and delivering milestones in project management. So, it is important that project managers define working hours of each task correctly and with almost perfect accuracy, to justify that no extra hours but only necessary time was spent to complete them.

How happytodos help with working hours of employees and team?

Is your working hours flexible enough to keep track of project tasks that you have to complete each day? Do you have enough time to spend on task to complete each day or you always put some extra hours from your end to negotiate?

While using happytodos you don’t need to make an extra effort, as it saves you enough time to spend on projects to complete. When you have too many tasks all cluttered to fool you as which one to go first, happytodos filters it and show only few top tasks that are most important to complete through its prioritization feature. So, not a fraction of second from your working hours is wasted on task that is of low value.

happytodos keep track of each task and project activity from users to generate real time reports. If you miss few working hours or invested some hours extra to complete a project task, enter it manually to include it in your order of preference as regulation time or overtime respectively. happytodos provides this option. So, the myth of time management can be well resolved with happytodos in project management.

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admin 14th September 2011