Work Without Stress

The work pressure nowadays

More projects mean more work and more work means more stress. Stress related work can be seen and felt everywhere in any organization. Provided that one is very well organized and love taking challenges does not really mean that, he is ahead of work related stress. Things can be more frustrating if one being so careful and conscious about work and is very often stressed by heavy workload assigned upon him, which may often result him to discontinue his work and end his job.

This is why there are many articles seen written on internet, as how to cope with this dilemma, to motivate people and work beyond stress related problems. But are you really able to cope with stress after reading them? May be you learn few things that is common to every human as mistakes, but not really getting rid of it anyway!

Stress develops from many factors. It is the end result of many small mistakes that are made in organization from lower to top level employees. A perpendicular obstacle for project managers, contributed to a larger extent from clients, team member, poor tools and techniques, scarce resources and delegation of work among co-workers.

In project management practices, stress can be avoided, as it tends to stem from any of these three interrelated problems:

  1. Lack of Proper Project Management Tool
  2. Improper work distribution or Delegation of work
  3. Stakeholder

So how you can work without stress ?

Talking about the first problem, if an organization is not well equipped with a proper and flexible project management tool, then it is very certain that their employees have to pay for it. An organization may deal with short or long term projects but based upon its specific needs of dealing with any project, it has to make a choice of one good tool that serves the purpose. Certain tool need installation and uses heavy charts and complex graphics and is not user friendly as defined. Using such tool may need a prior training or induction, which the firm should be able to provide, giving some time for employees to learn and spending some money. On the other hand, there are options available of using a simple, light and fully functional web based online project management tool, which serves the same purpose. Using them can also make organization productive and efficient as these tools are also equally potential and are just simple enough to use like browsing any other web-page. Such tools to a large extent can help organizations and its employees to reduce stress as it allows many automatic functions to help employees schedule work properly, track time, milestones, reminders, automatic updates, share resources, collaborate, communicate and work in an organized pattern.

Secondly improper work distribution or delegation of work among team can cause more stress to work. Project based work should be distributed or assigned to the most effective worker in an organization, who can take the lead and manage the overall work effectively. A project based work delegated in odd way may affect deadlines and cause delays while again needing to interchange teams or employees. As stated earlier these problems are interrelated, so, in the case that this is happening, an online tool will serve the purpose as it will allow instant update to notify each other, in a same platform-So, a web based project management tool is necessary.

A project should be well examined and analyzed before delegating it to team members; or the imbalance caused because of poor delegation may lead to more stress for managers and team in project management.

As discussed by most managers, most common form of stress can be originated from the stakeholder. This might be due to unclear instruction given by them, various dimensional needs, frequently switching over from one task to another field. And you know you have various other clients you are handling along with. So, it’s stress full of work with unclear needs and demands and more expectations. In such situations, it is always good to work less and listen more. The only solution is to integrate all in a same project management platform, so that all the employees and stakeholder can listen to each other. This way a manager can lessen his work related stress thereby effectively allowing communicating and collaborating and working on projects.

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admin 14th September 2011