Why happytodos?

Are you a Project Manager or Business Executive in charge of the running and delivering of important projects for the company? If so, then this message will be of critical importance to your success as you manage your projects. Specifically, it relates to the tools you use to get the job done…

There is a positive correlation between Happy Employees and Productive Companies.

Similarly, there is a positive correlation between Happy Project Teams and successfully executed Projects.

Imagine using a Project Management tool that actually made your Project Team and employees happy…

Do you understand what impact this will have on your next project?

To find out, please read on…

“If like we, you have used several software systems over the years to manage your projects, we know you will agree that this is the easiest to use, and the most supportive of you, in your role – simply by virtue of the number of time-consuming tasks it takes care of for you.”

Being a Project Manager was never for the faint-hearted…

The Top 5 problems Project Managers face in 2013, and beyond

There are several big challenges for Project Managers in 2013 and beyond, but here are just the top 5, in no particular order:
  1. Coordination – right now, with so many communications devices and mediums of communication, it is increasingly difficult to coordinate all the activity of your projects when critical information is held in multiple forms and locations, and in different mediums of communication.
  2. Scheduling– Now more than ever, Projects need to be more adaptable and responsive to changes, and it is the Project Manager’s or Business Executive’s job to install these updates into his/her scheduling plan, and ensure everyone is up to date and working with the latest protocols. The added complexity is that we now live in a much faster and fluid time than we ever have, and our Project Management tools have just not caught up with the times.A classic day in the life of a good Project Manager or Business Executive begins with them caring about their Project/s, downloading and checking their usual 300+ emails, per morning, to see if any new information affects their tasks for today, updating their project schedule for the impact of each change they learn about through their emails, receiving a notification to remind them that they have just 15 minutes to get to their next update meeting when they are only half way through their emails and the poor Project Manager has not even had their first cup of coffee for the day yet!
  3. Accurate Costings – Recording and estimating accurate costings in terms of Time and Money have always been and continues to be an important part of any Project Manager’s or Executive’s assignment.
  4. Focus –  When your team is overwhelmed because they have a back-log of work to get through, the problem becomes which task to begin with? Which task to focus on? The last thing you want is for the members of your team, your employees, to become mini-Project Managers themselves… Managing is the job of Management, but what can you do? This is a problem because they need to be focused on what is business-important, not what they feel like doing.
  5. Reporting – It is no secret that in order gain control of the situation we must first be able to measure it periodically, so that we can observe, either the improvements or the worsening of the situation, and take the appropriate measures to correct the situation. Simple enough in theory, but when you couple the foregoing challenges that Project Managers and Executives face, with the fact that Project Teams really do not enjoy reporting on their progress, it is easy to see that we have a problem.

People do not like reporting… reporting takes a lot of time, and it’s an extra item to do that is outside of your team’s day-to-day processes.

Yes, being an employee and only being able to account for only 7 of the 9 hours spent in the office yesterday or last week can be very stressful indeed, and can cause well meaning, honest employees to become creative in their reporting and time accounting… the big problem for you, the Project Manager/Executive, is that the integrity of the data you are working with is compromised… How can you ever fix anything if the measurements and the measuring tools you have are all wrong?

So now you know the big 5 and no doubt have experience of them yourself,

The good news, you will be relieved to hear, is that that there are in fact solutions to all 5 of these problems, and more importantly you do not need 5 new/different solutions to add to your existing Project Management tools to solve them…

How happytodos solves the top 5 Project Management problems

Happytodos was created with these major problems in mind, and how to solve them for Project Managers and Executives. Here is how happytodos helps you with each of the 5 big problems.

  1. Coordination – with happytodos all of your key information, such as Status updates, Distribution of work, verifying deliverables, and communications are managed and operated from one single system, in one single place… This will save you a tremendous amount of time and effort, physical running about, telephoning, and emailing to coordinate your team’s efforts.
  2. Scheduling– happytodos is more of an Agile software solution for Project Management. This means that it is constantly calculating and re-calculating your Estimated Completion Dates, versus the desirable due date, based on real-time data entered by your team.
    To illustrate the point better, one of the leading Project Management tools is MS Project from Microsoft, and after our Project Manager has gone through his 300+ emails for the morning they would need to manually and personally input all of the changes into the system… In addition to everything else mentioned above, the Project manager will then need to re-schedule everything. In our opinion this activity is important, but a waste of a good Project Managers time and talent.
    By Contrast, happytodos encourages and rewards input (more on that later) from your team, and is constantly re-calculating the Estimated Delivery Date to create your most realistic project “Snap-shot” right now, without the entire burden for scheduling data resting only on your shoulders;  so you are free to focus on the Strategic versus the Secretarial.
  3. Costs – With happytodos, you can set hourly costs, for your project resources.
  4. Focus– One of the great features of the happytodos software system is the happytodos “Top priority tasks” which is designed to show a list of tasks on your dashboard, at anytime you view it, just your top tasks to dos for the next 12 hours, so your staff are never overwhelmed with all 200 to-do items and consequently proceed to waste time deciding which task to start with… instead they receive just the top tasks that the business needs them focus on, right now. More than Project Management Software Frankly, this takes happytodos from being a very good Project Management Software Tool to being your  “Virtual Project Manager”. This one reason alone is worth getting happytodos for, for you and your team today (more about how you can do that later).
  5. Reporting – The problem with reporting is that people have to fill in weekly time-sheets, or at the end of the day, (when they use most of the other project management tools)…
    However, what happytodos does differently, is that it integrates into the work process, and you can report right there.
    The benefit to you is that the reporting problems we mentioned earlier, such as employees not enjoying reporting, employees not wanting to allocating time for it, and the fact that people start making up things, in the absence an accurate memory, all become problems of the past when you and your team use “happytodos”.

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Happytodos is also a very simple system for your team to understand… the more work your team report, the more points they get. Simple! Also, as a Manager, you can give your employees Custom Statuses, for recognition and public praise.

In short:
1.) Happytodos makes reporting part of the work process,
2.) Your team receive points for reporting, which in turn motivates them to report more, more often…, and
3.) And the result of the above is that it helps achieve a higher percentage of Data Integrity overall.

They can’t beat happytodos
Please remember too that
no matter how good your team get at striking off their To Dos, they will never be shown more than their prioritised Top Ten. And this is where happytodos adds some more great value…  

No project is an island!
As we all know, no project exists in a vacuumbut interestingly enough no other project management systems out there seem to reflect this… for the first time you can have all of your projects running on happytodos and the system will keep track of, and monitor what is happening in all projects and constantly re-calculate (upon the entry of new data) the effect of changes on all of your projects… and their new Estimated Delivery Date. Naturally what was priority number one five minutes ago can suddenly become priority number fifteen, but the great news is that happytodos, making use of its proprietary task priority point system (which is a complex algorithm of some 5+ parameters) to determine the “Task Score” and the tasks with the highest “Task Score” rise to the top…  Also, as a Manager, you can simply drag a task to the top of the list, and the task will automatically pop up on the top 10… for your employees that day.

So, firstly you can manage multiple projects with happytodos.  Next, the system is actually monitoring each of your projects. As a result, a Project Management Software tool can re-calculate the estimated delivery dates for Project X, based on ABC changes in Project Y. This is based on the system’s understanding that, amongst other factors, in some cases you are using the same resources for multiple projects.

These solutions only exist here…

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As you have probably guessed by now, a tremendous amount of real-world project management experience, understanding of team dynamics, software design and layout, human psychology, not to mention time and money, have gone into creating happytodos… and yet so far we have only really focused on sharing the top five things that really peeve Project Managers to day.
Another unique aspect of this software is that it is designed by Professional Project Managers and Executives, for Professional Project Managers and Executives.

“You do not need a PhD to use happytodos”

For all its impressive pedigree and ingenious benefits to Project Managers/Business Executives, happytodos is incredibly easy to understand and use, and a lot of great and expensive effort has gone into designing and re-designing the whole system so that it is truly user-centric and genuinely user-friendly. This system has been designed from the ground up to be the centre of your Project Management universe, and a key part of that is genuine ease of use, not because we “think so” but “because You Say So!

If like we, you have used several software systems over the years to manage your projects, we know you will agree that this is the easiest to use, and the most supportive of you, in your role – simply by virtue of the number of time-consuming tasks it takes care of for you.

Could that be you?

Imagine running your next project on software like this, having your whole team use this software, so that all of your project information is housed in the same place, all of you are on the same page… all of the time, and your team are delighted with their contributions to their project/s and publicly acknowledged and rewarded for their contributions too, and you receive timely project-related information, and can now focus on the real job of management versus administration… do you feel yourself feeling, lighter, happier, even excited at the prospect of being even more productive and accomplishing even more in less time, … and even enjoying work and life even more?

Good! Because you deserve to feel that way… every Project Manager and Executive does.

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The happytodos pedigree

As you have no doubt gathered by now, happytodos was not just put together by some people who woke up one day and felt there might be a gap in the market… Oh no!!!

The system architect behind happytodos, is a well respected and highly regarded professional Project Manager by trade, who has over 15 years sharp-end Project Management & business experience to their credit, over-seeing hundreds of innovative, complex and demanding international IT-related projects, and who knows the pains that fellow Project Managers suffer… first hand. Bringing this product to life has been a labour of love by someone who genuinely understands the headaches that Executives and Project Managers have to grapple with each and every day, and I think you will agree that the results have been nothing short of spectacular. We believe this software will be a breath of fresh air to Executives and Project Managers the world over.

How happytodos really helps you – the breakdown

There are several benefits to you, and your team, when you use happytodos to manage your projects, and the main benefits are as follows:

  1. Easier Co-ordination – because you and your team are all plugged into the same tool, which is also your communication, and information tool, and because the system automatically calculates new delivery dates based on real-time inputs, by you and your team, all the key information and tools you need to co-ordinate your projects are held in one easy to use software
  2. Easier Scheduling and re-scheduling – because the system updates for you
  3. More realistic Costings – because more is reported and more is accounted for
  4. Greater focus on what matters for you and for your team – that means greater productivity for you and your team
  5. Superior Reporting & Data Integrity: Up to 80% data integrity, compared with the norm of just 30% (and up to 40%… at best!)
  6. An overall more motivated and productive team – with results to show for it!
  7. and lastly, but by no means least, the combined effect of all of the above, plus the integration of motivation and rewards…, results in… of course; Happier To Dos… all round!

More than just a Project Management tool …

In the end, happytodos  is more than just a good Project Management software tool; it is actually your “Virtual Project Manager!”

Here’s what you get today…

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As you start to enjoy being more productive and efficient in your projects thanks, to happytodos, something very interesting will begin to happen for you;

You will like and really enjoy using happytodos… so much so that you will want to manage ALL your projects with it, because you will feel the benefits…

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  2. The happytodos app is a hosted solution, so it is available to you at any location, via the internet.
  3. The app has 256-bit SSL Security Encryption, so you have an extra layer of protection.
  4. Payment security provided through PayPal – Our payment merchant is PayPal and there are two advantages for you when we use PayPal:
  5. PayPal is one of the most trusted merchants on the internet.

Your very own happytodos…

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You are worth it!… In fact, you owe it to yourself…

If you are tired of any of the following Project Management and Executive problems, then you owe it to yourself to sign-up for and start using happytodos straight away.

Sign up, start using it on your projects, and watch your team become Happier To Do…
The Items Project Managers & Executives are fed up of:

  1. Trying to motivate your team to take the right action,
  2. Poor data integrity,
  3. Having to manually re-schedule every task after a change,
  4. Chasing your team for the reports you need
  5. Etc.

Here’s a recap

So, just to summarize…

  1. Go to www.happytodos.com and sign up.
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