Web Based Project Manager – your virtual assistant

Happytodos offers a unique web based product manager module that help plan your projects for you.

We call our web based project manager a Virtual Project Manager. Think of it as your virtual assistant that will distribute work across resources & projects based on the business priorities. You can change the priority by simply drag and dropping more important tasks or projects to the top of the list on your project management screen.

Your team members (and you) get a daily list of top priority tasks right on happytodos dashboard. Every time something changes in any project, your list of tasks gets updated in real time for all team members across projects.

After handing out the work, the Virtual Project Manager will also show you in real time the current estimated delivery dates on every single task on any project. This allows you to instantly know who is working on what right now, when each task will be completed and when the entire project will be completed.

By using happytodos, You can start your day with a quick look at happytodos dashboard and get a bird’s eye view on any project progress, instead of spending the first hours of the day in reading emails and updates from your team members on the progress of each of them and try to bring it all together and draw a general picture, which is not always accurate.

You can deal with any sudden change in business priorities, the customer demands, your manager requirements and any project schedule changes, within minutes. Any change you make, like adding a task or changing priority, will automatically be reflected in the system by your web based project manager.

Try our web based project manager now and create more free time for yourself, while keeping all ticking along nicely.

admin 14th September 2011