Web Based Project Management application = “Right Hand Man”

“Time is money, money is time” and “lost time is never found again” are quotes which are attributed to Benjamin Franklin. They should be the mantra of every department manager, project manager, team leader, employee and stakeholder involved in bringing a project to successful fruition; certainly in the fast paced business environment of the early 21st century, Ben Franklin’s famous words are more relevant than ever.

What is our Web Based Project Management tool, happytodos and what does it do?

happytodos is a unique web based project management application which allows maximum input and maximum efficiency for:

  • Project managers
  • Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Stakeholders and employees

Project managers have a torrid time bringing a project in on time and with so many variables which can affect the equation and the eventual outcome; given that any changes made have to be applied manually throughout the entire set up, it’s a wonder any project ever comes in on time or in budget. Thankfully there is now an online application which empowers successful and cost effective web based project management which eliminates manual, costly and time consuming:

  • Updating of tasks
  • Time spent verses time allocated on tasks
  • Task scheduling
  • Task prioritization

No longer need a contract manager spend hours on the phone talking to and constantly updating team leaders or individual project team members; instructions, updates and real time feeds and updating of tasks are all sent out by email from happytodos to anyone, anywhere with a valid email address. Project managers and team leaders using happytodos are able to concentrate on the immediate and most pressing tasks in hand without getting bogged down in the day to day running of a project yet still have immediate access to:

  • How many working hours were spent on each task
  • How much each project costs down to the smallest of tasks
  • Collaboration times and costs between in house and/or remote teams
  • 24/7/365 available project notes, all stored in a single secure server environment
  • Easy delegation and assignment of tasks/work to anyone with a valid email address
  • Add new members to the team as the project is running / delete team members as their work completes
  • Be aware of how even the smallest of changes in a task or tasks impinges on the rest of the project tasks, all in real time

How does happytodos work?

happytodos doesn’t take the place of a project manager; rather what it does do is co-ordinate all of the input by each and every member of the team as the project progresses and which is overseen by the project manager. happytodos stores all relevant information regarding the project and as one task (or tasks) is updated all other tasks are updated within happytodos which saves anything up to two or three hours a day of a project manager’s time. As each task or series of tasks is updated, each relevant team member, team leader and other stakeholders are informed in real time by auto email generation and as the tasks are updated the entire database is updated in real time and therefore the need for lengthy phone conversations are relegated to history.

Using happytodos as your web based project management application

Project managers using happytodos for a web based project management, know exactly when each task or project will or has been completed without spending hours updating due dates with every change to the project. The time this frees up over the entire life cycle of the project can relate to many hundreds or thousands of pounds/dollars/euro/yen. The daily reporting schedule is streamlined and by using happytodos as your web based project management application of choice rather than a manual system of data input affords real time up to the minute cost effective control of:

  • Urgent task allocation and acknowledgement from delegated team member
  • Immediate and live “pop up” correspondence negating the use of email
  • View all task correspondence between all team members
  • “As you go” reporting and time management
  • Instant estimating of costs with known budgetary factors

happytodos is a project manager’s “right hand man”, a constant “companion”and one which stores every available piece of data as it is recorded, amended, reviewed or renewed. As a project moves though its life cycle happytodos encourages natural reporting as an essential element of each task; indeed instead of employees reporting once a day or once a week with conventional time sheets, real time reporting allows the project manager or task managers access to exact “to the minute” costing for each task undertaken and completed.

What are the benefits of using happytodos?

This type of reporting has benefits for more accurate budgeting of future projects and individual tasks within them, regardless of how complex they may be. By following a strict “reporting as you go” and adding files or administrative work such as meetings, reassignment of tasks and other variables, this in turn returns extremely accurate task costs in terms of resources spent and doesn’t “inflate” other tasks to fill in the blanks.

Another exciting and innovative element of immense benefit in deploying happytodos is its unique ability to allow individual team members from the project manager down through the entire team to reassign all or any part of a task to another team member without having to create a new task, and as this is implemented the entire project’s task times and how the transfer of a task will impinge on other tasks and the project as a whole is updated in real time. There is no absolutely no requirement to explain everything all over again which negates the need to create duplicate information. One task can roll across resources until its completion which provides complete transparency on the task’s entire life cycle.

With happytodos team members from the project manager down need only concentrate on tasks which need completing today. happytodos automatically schedules all the tasks to do today to fit only tasks that are of highest importance and only as many as can reasonable be completed in one working day. You set how many hours you want to work per day on each task or tasks.

How do I access happytodos?

Sign up today for happytodos; the web based project management software which allows you to manage time efficiently, manage resources under your control and assign and delegate tasks, reassign tasks and add or delete tasks and all managed in one application so changes made filter across the entire project. The simplified work methodology of happytodos intuitively enables you to keep focus, reduce stress, procrastination and improve your feeling of achievement at the end of the day.

admin 14th September 2011