Web Based Project Management Tool

Why use  Web Based Project Management Tool?

Web based project management tool is a service software application developed for project managers, project based firms as well as freelancers to help in the process of managing a common medium to communicate, share instant files and collaborate with remote teams irrespective of distance and time variance. Web based project management tool has served as a solution to the much awaited problems and consequences faced while handling a no of multiple emails, numerous phone calls, cluttering task and disorganized work structure among employees in a team. Such web based tools also comes with a set of features and is multifunctional for firms to effectively manage resources, time, budget and risk in project management.

Scope of Web Based Project Management Tools!

With usage of internet increasing day by day across boundaries and more people switching it as a medium or source to fetch reliable information, products and services, the untapped potential of growth in web based marketing of services can be strongly felt in years to come. In fact Software as a service application in firms today has already proved to be a profitable business for service providers as well as users. Project based firms either big or small ranging from startups to multinationals and some top fortune companies manages their projects and task through a reliable project management software.

Disadvantage of Web Based Project Management App!

Web based project management app if randomly picked without any research done can cause huge loss and affect firms as well as stakeholders. Firms and project managers must therefore make careful observation and check if the software application is compatible with the team and simple enough to use but will overall productive functions to get users to focus more towards work. It is always good to see if all the overall features included in the tool are needed for usage as compared to the type of projects a firm deals with or if all necessary features are covered by the tool to deal with projects or vice versa. Pricing is also another important factor to be considered while making a choice as successful business depends on a good investment decision made.

The Verdict

Be it short or long term goals of a project, simple web based project management software is always helpful for project manager, firms and other users as it helps to focus on projects and task more instantly than manual method of accomplishing a project.

What is happytodos?

happytodos is a web based project management tool to help deliver successful projects with some automated featured functions like time tracking, prioritizing, generating real time reports of project activities, creating milestones and deliverables, project calendars, notifications, file sharing, resource allocation, scheduling, organizing task to do’s and focus on more important task to complete each day. Sign up at happytodos to manage your projects now.


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