Time Tracking

Time tracking in the Project Management world

Time tracking is an important and essential feature to track estimate completion time required in project management. Lacking this feature in project management software will by any means affect projects accomplishment for successful delivery on time.

Time being a precious gift for one and all, should be kept vigilant as much as possible to be spent productively.

In project management, so that most of the hours spent on work proves to be productive and of value, time tracking becomes very crucial. It helps managers and executives to know exactly how employees are undertaking their assigned activity or task, and  helps to calculate estimated budget and completion dates.

Further, enough time is wasted in organizing task, scheduling them to employees, prioritizing the list and executing the most important ones to complete them first. A project management software enabled with time tracking feature saves few hours every day, by performing these functions and making it easy to handle employees and manage various project task at a time.

Time tracking will allow project managers and executives to identify which task is lacking behind and consuming more time to complete, allowing them to take action, preventing from wasting more time on it. In this way time tracking can be helpful to maintain the cost and budget of project task.

A good time tracking software will also facilitate increased revenue to project based firms helping each employee to contribute productively. So, it’s an added advantage for project based firms.

Time tracking is also of great help while analyzing new project cost. Based on time-sheets available of previous similar type of projects undertaken project based firms can decide their expected project cost.

Time Tracking Software

happytodos is a time tracking tool to know what your employees and team is doing during your busy hours. It allows project managers and team leaders to get real time reports of their activities while handling their assigned task. It helps to critically evaluate if all hours spent on project task are billable and productive to deliver clients.

Stop or start time tracking with happytodos as you wish, also enter time manually of hours worked overtime than estimated if projects are taking more time to complete.

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