Time Management

What is Time Management?

Effective time management is about planning, organizing, prioritizing, setting goals and objectives and finally getting things done correctly on time.

Basically the truth is that we can never manage time because time waits for none, but more strategically we can make things to happen according as we need with respect to time and this is what time management skill is all about.

Time management is about being able to have full control over our activities that we do/encounter on a daily basis. It’s about getting a set of things done that are more important for us to complete, failure to which will have no impact later in business terms or cause stress or damage to us in any form in future.

But how often are we successful in managing our time, in completing our projects or task at office on time or any personal activity? For many a times we have a feeling that there is never enough time for us.

Are we too slow or too unproductive or it’s just that time has never been fair enough with us when it comes to getting our things done?

Time Management – The real problem

The real problem seems to surface in and around us, the way we plan, scheduling or organizing our work or setting our goals. Most of us feel that creating a list of to-dos will help us in managing time and accomplishing it. And then you stick around with your list not even realizing that importance of each task and time factor. You stick around with things even that are of less priority and spent too much time on it that you hardly have time left to spend on other task.

Effective Time Management – How to do it?

So, one best way to manage time and getting your job done is to manage only a few task that are most important for you to complete each day. Focus on them consciously so that you get them done on or before time. This is effective planning and setting a finite goal. Doing so will also avoid you from possible distractions as you are focused on achieving a set of short term goal for the day.

Along with your list to-do’s that you make or create with increasing no of project or work to complete each day you need prioritization to achieve your goals.

And this is what happytodos intends to provide you, a proper planning strategy and a finite set of goals to achieve.

It lets you to manage projects and task each day as your projects are multiplied with opportunities that come along. And as you add/create projects each day and set specific time limits for each task to complete, happytodos prioritizes these task based on estimated time frame and dates of completion and show each users only the most prioritized task that are a must complete for the day.

Isn’t that a good way of time management and getting your things done? Sign up and stay productive using happytodos. Stop spending time focusing around here and there from your list to do’s and focus on task that are important for you to complete now.


admin 14th September 2011