Task Priorities – differentiate task importance across high load of information

Most project management software constricts its user to a predefined priority schema. Usually you get High, Medium and Low priority to choose from.

We at happytodos decided to give you the power to prioritize your tasks according to your unique needs.

happytodos uses the priority system to calculate priority points for each task across projects. Along with many other data such as parent project priority, due date and resource allocation, the task’s priority allows you to push a task up to get it done sooner.

You can add a special priority for urgent items, (we call it 911), or you can use a simple 1-10 scale system to prioritize your tasks. The more levels of priority you have, the easier it is to differentiate task importance across high load of information. Use it wisely.

You can also grad and drop priorities to reorder them.

When you create or edit your next task – the new priorities will show up in your task edit dialog. Simple.

admin 7th October 2011