Stress Work

Work stress is seen very common among individuals, employees as well as employers now-a-days. It has become a common term for discussion in most offices and workplaces. As more and more people are prone to stress work, everyone is thinking ways of getting rid of it one way or the other.

What leads to work stress?

There are no of factors that cause to arise work related stress. Factors such as workload, lack of appreciation, promotion, office conflicts, level of responsibility, deadlines, co-workers, managers, poor communication, monetary benefits, information flow, lack of proper system workplace available to report, deal and respond to concerns, lack of trust, physical environment in and around the office, etc may tend to developed stress for employees.

The Stress Work Impact!

Positive as well as negative aspect can be generated through stress work to individuals. Positive stress helps one to generate productivity, motivation and face challenges to accomplish them to meet certain specific targets. Positive stress work often lead one to achieve success, drive sales, production and meet short as well as long and short term goals.

But when challenges at work becomes too demanding too meet, it tends to generate negative impact and lead individuals to un-productivity, anxiety, frustration and anger. Such negative affect may cause serious concerns for individuals mentally and physically, even at home as well as office. To deal with such work related stress one has to be careful in choosing his ways, because as it tends to repeat every day, it might have a serious impact on your career, profession and cause other related disorders.

The Solution!

happytodos makes much of your work simpler to start each day. It can reduce much of your stress work by arranging them in a well disciplined way, so that each day your work is productive to give you satisfied results. No more stress work based upon your deadlines or budget. No more worries in terms of coordination, communication or any information flow or resources, as it gives a perfect systematized platform to work on your task to complete.

All workers share a common platform to work. It’s hassle free planning on your projects to deal, so save hours of work! Also work from anywhere you feel comfortable and just be quick to notify other involved in the process through a simple update on your progress.
See each task based on budget and time estimated time allotted to complete and work with more freedom. Also prioritize projects based on current changes in dates and workflow.
Also project managers and team leaders need not worry too much to know or remember who is working on which projects. Just login to happytodos and view the progress made by each team members on their respective task assigned. It’s that simple working on project and task with happytodos. In fact a better solution to coping and dealing with your work stress which may often lead you to fail successively, if repeated everyday on a continuous manner. So, just sign up and start using happytodos and stop worrying about stress related to project work plan, budgets cuts, deadlines, delivery, lack of collaboration and communication.


admin 14th September 2011