Stop Procrastinating

Well how many of you often remember putting important task (that you haven’t really realized) for tomorrow and lately you regret saying I should have done this before? There are many…Yeah! Because it is something that everyone does once or twice or thrice or more even after realizing that, you had already faced/experienced and undergone such situation. It’s quite common for people, as everybody likes to procrastinate, to put things to do for tomorrow, because you are free and might feel better working on them tomorrow.

No doubt we are able to manage our work, but, we hardly realized the value of time. Do we have always enough time to be able to procrastinate and leave our work as always for the next day? If so, it would have been great.

But as always things in real life is different. If we have more time we have more to work and if we have more work we feel we have very less time. It’s quite contradictory.

Procrastination is a bad habit, which anyone should avoid. You might often find it frustrating if you continue to procrastinate and keep doing it from time to time. Lately, in the end you will see that you have not been able to deal with any work or task that you should have to. It’s a mess after, to realize that you even lost some important project and missed a few attentions from your business.

The best example to cite would be of a school boy, ignoring studies as well as not attending enough classes to get through his annual exam; late enough to realize that as he sits to prepare for exams he feels and wish he had one more day before exam to finish reading.
This is quite similar in project management because, as we put projects for tomorrow, we will have more projects to do and less time to accomplish. So, if we procrastinate, our task sums up to deduct our working hours for each day. The best solution is to complete each day’s task and not leave them for tomorrow.

But again we face the same problem; how many of us are successful in finishing our task assigned for each day? Even if we work seriously we still tend to have the same problem at the end of the day, “The time is over and you wish you had few more hours to complete your work.”

Stop Procrastinating and get things Done

Just relax, we have been thinking the same for years as we developed happytodos for you to save enough hours working on each task and project every day. Stop procrastinating on your to-dos for the day, as you have more time than required to complete your task for each day. Just login and start working on your top projects that needs your hands to be marked as complete. Work as you like, as happytodos allows you to be flexible and independent. Work anytime, access resources from anywhere any computer or device connected to internet. See all project deadlines and budget, but work only those that have been set as priority by happytodos to complete for the day. Doesn’t it interesting for you?

happytodos is a web based online project management software, to focus on task to-dos for the day, so that you don’t possibly need to procrastinate. Stop procrastinating and start using happytodos. Sign up and stay tuned. 🙂


admin 14th September 2011