Stay on Task

A week back I came across an old man in store, who picked a note from his pocket and stared at it consciously, just to make sure that he doesn’t miss or skip anything while shopping for his family. As my eye caught his attention, he slowly started to collect things included in the list one by one and started putting them on his trolley.

This indeed is a great way not to miss anything to remember that you need and stay on task. Or the situation sometimes is just different, not being able to remember things that you need while you are in store, which often you realize at  home/kitchen that you need.

Stay on Task at the office

When you have a handful of task to do and complete in office, or even picked up your best friend home after office, things are juggled. You hardly remember, what you thought of for tomorrow, the previous night. So, in and out it is always difficult to manage our daily activities.

Staying on task or focused to things to do for the day is not easy as you are distracted to many uncertain happenings, situation and distractions.

Stay on Task in Project Management

In project management project managers and employees faces the same situation. Besides a list of projects to handle, there are many uncertainties of the dynamic business environment. A simple phone call, email, or even a short conversation with your stakeholder can distract you from doing something that is necessary for the day. You may skip even important to-dos because of some other task/projects on hold have to be retaken based on responses received or uncertain client communication.

Also there are good chances that you keep along some task to complete for the day, considering them easy ones to accomplish and take up another task, which took much of your time and brain that at the end of the day, when you reached home you just remember you missed something. You cannot help yourself to rush office to do the same task again. But imagine how uncomfortable you feel to miss that task?

There can be countless distraction, trying to shift focus from your to-dos that may surface in any form. You might just feel like you have some kind of mental disorder, of really not being able to focus. Even if you shut every door, distraction will come some way in one form or the other.

But, why always write down your to-dos always on a piece of paper when you have a better option of planning for the day and staying focused. A medium where you plan only once as you have new projects/task at hand and you spend the rest of hours working based on schedules of your planning. Conventional ways of writing down in your dairy or paper has many shortcomings, which cannot be resolved in today’s project management practices.

Stay on Task by using happytodos

Provided that you are not dealing with any kind of professional working environment/platform that helps you to focus on task to complete for the day, you can never stay on task to accomplish. And this is one probable reason why we have created happytodos for you. happytodos will arrange your list of to-dos on the basis of priority, so that each day your plan has been set. Stay focused on task that you need to complete for the day. Stay on task with happytodos-a web based project management software developed with the ability to helps users to be more productive each day, saving hours for you.

admin 14th September 2011