Real Time Project Management

Since project management has some crucial phases to undergo, it is necessary that time factor be taken seriously. Every project must be completed within budget and specified deadlines. A project undertaken without monitoring the time requirement and limit is just like sailing in a boat without oars. One cannot figure out which direction it is heading to and how long would it take to reach the other end.

So, project management process should be conceptualized with effective time management to get and deliver the ultimate end results.

If one keeps on ignoring to review the time spent on each task of a project and monitor how long an employee or a team is taking to complete the work, project management process would never give effective results. This is one reason why many project based organization fail to build a satisfied client base, ignoring the priority and other crucial factors of a project which varies with time.

Real time project management

Real time project management is about focusing on projects to be done on the basis of time. It’s more or less trying to monitor the project progress at the end of the day. How much of the project has been done? Who is working on what? And how long it would take to complete the entire project is well answered through real time project management tool. happytodos is one great example of real time project management tool that one must give a try.

Time tracking and creating reports is a challenge in project management process. If a tool fails to provide the significance of these features, it cannot be considered as a good project management tool. happytodos will help you create and run real time reports, help you calculate the estimated dates of completion as soon as you add task or projects.

Real time project management tool – happytodos

happytodos can be considered as a consistent real time project management tool for any project based organizations big or small as well as freelancers and other users looking for on line web based application, which functions and performs productively. Sign up to see the overall features and productivity of this tool.


admin 14th September 2011