Project Priority

Project Priority – Why is it Important to business?

A large no of projects list confuse employees as which to start first? And if your projects are listed all in a random, all you have to do first is to look for the one which you have been working on or project that is presently occupied in your mind. But sometimes it often happens that you don’t even remember the name of your task/projects because you must have created it with a subconscious mind…. Or left office in a hurry because of too much work related stress!

It’s a common situation everyday when your company deals with a large no of projects to handle. In general, what one does is to start looking for task one has to complete for the day, from top to bottom. This is so because you always want important projects to be listed on the top list.

If projects with priority based on time frame and budget are all listed on the top, it becomes easier for you to sort out task and start working on it immediately. And when there is also the specific time frame already listed to complete and a daily online calendar visible in front of you while you are working on your task or projects, it’s a perfect environment to work for everyone.

Project Priority – The Solution 

happytodos intends to provide employees with such fantastic features to organizations dealing with projects online. happytodos is a web based tool that manages your projects on the basis of priorities. Without any doubt it lists all projects that you have created and assigned to others but the best part of it is when you log in you are able to see the most prioritized task at the top that needs your attention. This is because happytodos has done a portion of work after you have created the task and assigned others. This helps you to focus on task and clear your work on a daily basis.

Just work on projects that you have to complete for the day, instead of trying to focus on no of projects and failing to complete even one in a day.

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admin 14th September 2011