Project Managers

happytodos for Project Managers

  • Knowing exactly when each task or project will be completed, without spending hours updating due dates with every change to the project
  • Knowing who is working on what today without making phone calls or sending emails to find out(project managers do that at least for 2 hours every day)
  • Focusing on a handful of most important tasks without cluttering your mind with tasks not relevant for today (higher productivity)
  • Knowing exactly how that urgent task that just landed on you will affect all other work, across project and resource
  • Knowing how many working hours were spent on each task
  • Knowing how much each project or even task costs you
  • Collaborating on tasks across remote or in-house teams
  • Keeping all you project files and notes in one place, always accessible and online
  • Delegating your work to anyone with an email address

What can you do with happytodos?

Do some work

Collaborate on tasks

Attach files to tasks

Report time worked on task

Adjust estimated time on tasks

Delegate tasks

Manage projects

Create tasks and milestones

Assign tasks to users

Set estimated time on task

Set due dates (optional) and priority for tasks

Manage project information as notes

See project calendar with milestones and tasks due

See who is working on what in real time!

Manage project priority against other projects


Project managers – Sign up today to coordinate your projects with happytodos.


admin 14th September 2011