Project Manager Software

How Project Manager Software helps managing project task and project related daily activities

Are you a project manager or an employee or an executive? Whatever you are imagine yourself buried in a list of project and task to complete. You don’t seem to remember which project is more important for you to undergo and complete first. In such situations nothing works, whether you are trying to make adjustments of the project budget, the quality or deadlines, because you are clueless about all details of each project. And it’s not easy remembering all of them with details, like who is taking charge of it? Who are the workers involved? The deadlines, the project cost, resources and everything.

So you note down everything in your diary and every time, your senior executive ask you about details you peep through it to know who is working on what? What is the project cost and how long might it take for your workers to complete? Well you are not even sure of the progress made by your co-worker and what’s going on right now with the project that has to be delivered by today? It’s kind of surprising. All you can think of is assume that your employees are working and the projects are in the process of completion. Continuous buzz and phone calls to know even the slightest progress for projects with short notice for delivery! Don’t you think that can affect the project and the focus of employee undertaking the job?

Well if this is the situation for your start-up company, don’t panic anymore. happytodos will revamp the operation process of your projects to handle. Project Management often becomes difficult to control with no of activities to manage along with projects like resource, portfolio, scheduling, organizing, budgeting, meeting deadlines and all. This is where the need of project manager software arises to take things under control and keep track of all related activities in project management.

So that things are all set and goes accordingly as planned or probable risk factors arising could be easily tracked project management software helps to monitor it all. It helps projects and employees altogether confined in a common medium as long as projects are complete and ready for delivery.

Project Manager Software for all involved

happytodos is project manager software for all involved in project execution to help executives, project managers and employees to perform their respective task and exchange results, status and deliverables. It acts as a list to do manager software for employees, project managers as well as executives to do and complete their own job each day helping to be more productive and efficient.

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admin 14th September 2011