Project management tool – Save hours with happytodos

Project management is a complex process that demands the team members to spend many hours on management rather than focusing on the project progress.

  • Are you still wasting hours over hours fetching updates about the progress of your projects?
  • Are you still spending days in meetings to get your teams working in sync and distributing work among your team members?
  • Are you frustrated of setting deadlines that you are not going to meet because, let’s face it, things change?
  • Are you enslaved to running around updating each team member about changes made and new tasks assigned to them?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a tool to do the heavy lifting for you?


happytodos is a project management tool that schedules work based on business priority across projects and resources. As a project manager, you can deal with any sudden change in business priorities by a simply drag & dropping projects and tasks to automatically reschedule work and notify team members.

You can start your day with a quick look at happytodos dashboard and get a bird’s eye view on any project progress and get an estimated completion date, instead of spending the first hours of the day in reading emails and updates from your team members on the progress of each of them and try to bring it all together and draw a general picture, which is not always accurate.

Your team members (and you) get a daily list of top priority tasks right on happytodos dashboard. Every time something changes in any project, your list of tasks gets updated in real time for all team members across projects. No more phone calls, emails and meetings to keep everyone up to date.

If you still haven’t tried to manage projects with happytodos, register now and get 15 days free

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admin 14th September 2011