Project Management Software can be your Automated Project Manager

happytodos is much more than a project management software It is your automated project manager.

What a Project Management Software can do for you and for your team?

By using project management software, your work becomes more simple. You just need to create a project, list all your tags and tasks and assign them to anyone with an active email address.
happytodos does the rest:

  • All the work, across projects is prioritized based on the order of projects in Projects overview page and the order of tasks and tags as they are listed inside individual projects. To order the projects, tags ans tasks by your business priority – just drag and drop the tasks with most important tasks at the top of the list by order of your priorities. happytodos will automatically create a schedule for all tasks across projects and resources, making sure no resource gets over-allocated. happytodos calculates schedules in real time, so adding a task to a project will reschedule all other resources to accommodate the task and display estimated completion date for the project. You can also see the project’s overall completion percent.
  • All tasks assigned are placed in each assignee’s Task tray, in order of YOUR business priority, while displaying only a few tasks in a time according to the amount of working hours that resource works a day. Your team members will only see a list of “Top Priority tasks” that got the highest priority score and will not be overwhelmed by long lists of tasks not relevant for today. Exposure to only few tasks allows focusing on them only and reduce procrastination.
  • happytodos will also display you , the project manager, what tasks are displayed on your team’s Task trays to be worked on today. No more would you need to spend hours on phone calls and emails finding out who works on what today.
  • Each task in the system has time estimation to complete the task, with initial estimation given by the task creator, which can be adjusted by the assignee in case the estimate is off the mark.
  • Using happytodos sophisticated priority algorithm and time estimation provided on all tasks, we calculate to a tee the exact project cost, number of hours invested per resource, estimated actual completion dates vs project desired due date and more. All this data is available under reports.


Also, with happytodos all team members, managers and clients can collaborate on tasks, share files and report hours on tasks completed. Choosing happytodos as your project management software allows you to react to project schedule changes within minutes, across resources & projects.

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admin 14th September 2011