Project Management and Time Management

Project management and time management are two distinctive features that project managers and employees need to focus equally to be productive. Both go hand in hand and have to be managed simultaneously to be spontaneous at work. If you are able to save few hours working on a project than you can possibly invest those saved hours on your next. This way you can be more productive and efficient in dealing with any type of projects, no matter how tight is its deadline. If you can manage and save few hours on each project than estimated than it’s a great job that you are doing for your team and organization, as well as yourself. You possibly have more time to focus and accomplish high quality results. And as a whole as an organization, if everyone is able to do the same, then project management is a total success under any circumstances.

But, it is not that easy either, because projects basically needs more time than estimated duration. This is because of high uncertainty and risk factor that arises while the projects are in development stage. Also because of certain factors such as failure to communicate on time, collaborate, and constantly monitor each other’s progress and update, a project may run short of time, for delivery and cross the date specified by clients.

As the remarks goes, that once you are late, you can never make on time, holds very true even in the case of project management. One project delayed to accomplish means the next project delayed to start, and so it goes on. You have less time to work and finish the next. This is indeed a great dilemma in project management, with respect to time as well as it can also possibly affect the budget.

Project Management and Time Management – the best solution:

So, what is the best solution for such problem that an organization gradually encounters while it undergoes any kind of project development? The problem of time management…..!!

Basically what one can do is to save few minutes to conjugate into hours. But how do one save even minutes when you and your team are already running short of time?

Well the best solution is to shift your team’s focus on using a reliable web based project management and time management software, that allows you to save time with its automated functions, which every employees has to repeat doing it every day.

Functions such as sending emails to different workers of the same project, breaking projects into smaller task; making it easy to understand,  creating different subject lines to send to employees, attaching various files waste a lot of time everyday and can be saved.

Also, employees and teams spend at least an hour or two on a daily basis, to notify their co-workers about important aspects, of projects from their side, sort/filter task list according to specified deadlines. There is even the risk of not recalling someone involved in the project management process and failing to send him all the necessary update. Such situation besides delaying project deadlines, also bring chaos among employees and office conflicts are often seen to arise among them which gradually draws seniors attention to deal with, causing delay to projects and wasting enough time.

Such unwanted and unnecessary happenings or issues can only be avoided through use of an online project and time management software, which allows employees to use it as a common medium to communicate and collaborate to know each other progress and updates and have access to all valuable resources required in the process of project management.

Through use of project management and time management tool such as happytodos, employees can save hours of work, because it performs some portion of your work like automatically notifying other users about your update, notifying task that has changed to priority because of changes in deadline or instruction from clients and other function like estimate completion dates, track time for task performed, getting real time reports, communication and online collaboration will all take place quite easily and contribute productivity. Such tool will perform and act as an online project manager.

So, start using happytodos, to manage projects on real time management software and start saving hours on your projects.


admin 14th September 2011