Project Coordination Software

What is Project Coordination?

Project coordination is a part of the ongoing project management phase. Once project goals and objectives have been set and proper planning has been done, project coordination is the next essential step to follow. Project coordination helps in chasing the long as well as short term goals of a project, thereby helping one to accomplish projects in time, budget and certainty. Let’s have a look on some aspects to consider and how project coordination and project coordination software tool like happytodos helps in managing those aspects that eventually arise during a project phase developmen

Coordination of activities, resources and information

Project teams require coordination of activities, resources and information in order to satisfy the projects needs and wants. Without proper and timely coordination of activities, resources and information, in common medium project coordination software, it is impossible for project teams to get a final result of projects undertaken.

Scheduling management

Project scheduling helps in project time estimation process in a project phase development about when task or activities should be done or completed. Scheduling projects is essential for completing projects on time and avoid certain risk that may arise while we move along with the phases of project development. It acts as a direction for team members to do or avoid certain activities or how to take necessary steps in a predefined period. Only if projects schedules are defined and monitored simultaneously with some features such as project calendars, time tracking, manager will be able to outline and evaluate the activities of each member working in a project. So, project coordination software forms the basis of such requirements to be able to define scope, set deliverables & milestones, timescales, roles and responsibilities.

Status review

There is no any best way to track the project progress without status reviews. Status reviews reports will give a rough estimate whether the project is in control in contrary to time and budget. It is only through status review reports put forth by individual workers that managers will be able to access or surface the real problems or issues concerning the project. Status reviews will help managers and teams to develop a corrective plan if any problem is noticed in the review process. Status review will also allow managers to make prior approval to right approach taken by team members to complete a project phases. Project coordination will allow this aspect of project management to manage swiftly in a well defined way.

Project coordination software 

Change Control or Management

Project coordination also helps to tackle or make changes of individuals taking part in the project but has been underperforming or is being less productive. Say for instance, a design coordinator or a proofreader not being able to give his best when projects need to be completed on time. Or say team members not being able to work and report for quite some time for varied reasons. In such cases based on capabilities and experience of the team, managers can directly assign another member to manage and henceforth bring direct results to save time and maintain steady work flow.

Quality Control & Assurance

Quality commitment is of great importance while delivering the accomplished projects to diverse clients.

Project coordination will help setting quality standards and expectations from early stage and keeping a constant flow of the same. Imagine a scenario where because of failure to constantly monitor the quality or unable to provide quality inputs might drive you to a stage where you have to rework or restart the entire project. Yes, this one is a costly and unnecessary error that probably could be avoided through constant project coordination and evaluation performed in well defined online project management software.

Reduce Workload

Very often we hear and read about managers or employees frustrated because of reasons such as heavy workload, unable to accomplish projects on time, project budget overrunning than estimated. Whatever might be the cause or reason; there is always more work and projects to be finished even if one works overtime. If this is the case with you, you are in an ultimate need of Project Coordination software. Project coordination reduces the workload by breaking projects into parts among the team members and making each one of them responsible to perform and coordinate.
But, make sure the project coordination software you choose is not complex enough to understand and use that it unnecessarily becomes an individual project in itself for you when you use. Choose a simple online project management tool where you can easily communicate and coordinate.

In a nutshell, Project coordination will lead to success only if all aspects of project phases or stages are properly followed and given equal importance. But, in order to be visible for each member working on a project, the activities, status reviews, files, equipments, and other resources for managing a project it is always wise to go for an online project coordination software which is user friendly, lets you ease of access and lets your projects prioritize according to its needs and demands, just like happytodos, that acts like a project expediter.


Happy Todos 16th July 2012