Everything is a project – Even Andy Warhol

Every project has someone who assigns the tasks, someone who does the tasks, deadlines, management that needs to hear what’s going on and how things are progressing, and clients who get the end result.

Sometimes they are all the same person.

The project could be baking a cake, launching a new software tool, fixing a car, or even opening an exhibition. For example, take the new Andy Warhol exhibition that opened in New York City, New York. Featuring over 50 photographs of the famous celebrity, this exhibition is an excellent example of how to manage a project – open the exhibition, complete all the tasks on time – gather the photographs, unpack them at the exhibition hall, make sure they aren’t damaged, and so on, make sure all the team members are coordinating – you can’t deliver the photographs, then find out they only open the exhibition hall the next day, and of course, meet a strict deadline – the exhibition HAS to open on time.

And you know what? happytodos helps you out here as well 🙂 You can set up a project for a week in advance, and put down the three or four main tasks you need to do each day. You can see that you are on track, and you can see exactly what you need to do to make sure that you are ready on time!

Happy Todos 14th March 2012