Be productive online by using project management tools

To be productive online it is useful to have a good project management tool. Project management tools have been developed launched and reviewed by users. And only those survived and sustained in business, which have the potentiality of meeting the complex and crucial phases of project management and maintained a proper strategy of its presence over the web. A thriving competition now can be seen among project management tools that are being developed. Off course to some extent the niche of target customers depends based on one project management tool to another, but overall most of them have some common goal and that is project simplification, effective communication, time tracking, milestones, calendars and collaboration. Marketing projects and project based works has henceforth become easy, since the application of online project management tools have been put to practice. There were times when project management was a heart attack for project managers and team leaders when dealing with 100 to thousands of emails on a daily basis, while managing a single project based work, prior to the application of online project management tools. But, this has finally come to an end and a new beginning has evolved in project management field. However the tradition that has seamlessly been followed by project based organizations is that all of them started from basics. From simple to-dos list managers to high featured online project management tools. There might have been no organizations which have fraudulently looked for something extraordinary while starting up their business and was in its growth frequency. So, a wise decision is always helpful in business. Now, when the demand for project management tools have increased two fold developers have also discovered some intuitive ways of targeting their customers, which very often can be seen from their website design, layout, features, compatibility, blogs, usability and pricing plans. Where some of them can be access for free, there are some which charge according to its usage and storage capacity. So, when it comes to choosing an online project management tool, always first have a look at these following things: 1. The company-no of team members working for you Before deciding to choose a project management tool, make sure the size and strength of your organization. How many of your employee is going to use it so, that you don’t run out of budget using it in a long run. It is often seen that some online web based project management tools charge based upon the no of users. If you have a tight budget to spent, compare the pricing plans of few good tools that you have found based on the price defined to a user. 2. The type of projects dealt with Secondly, it is very useful to first analyze the type of projects your organization deals with. If you are running a small or medium size outsourcing firm, or other similar business that does not require charts and complex graphical analysis, go for a simple one. But if your project needs require comparison of some sort of analysis like Gantt charts then better opt for one which covers such features but in a simplified way. 3. Budget to spend on Project Management Tool Know your budget before opting for anything expensive. Make sure your business can handle the project management tool estimated cost besides also managing the other business expenses. 4. Overall usability Also make sure to check the overall usability, like integration, compatibility with various browsers and mobile applications, etc. Make sure your employees needs and are being able to update from anywhere even when they are on a field duty for some market research. 5. Pricing plans of the tools Besides the pricing plan depending on the no of user, one more factors that is seen as a constraint in pricing plan is the storage capacity. It is important that you have a good capacity of storage so that you can store more project resources and backup files. If a project management tool offers a very low storage capacity even beyond your budget, it is better you avoid such expensive tool. Go for a competitive tool that provides more storage in a reasonable price. 6. Security Make sure to check the terms of service defined upon by project management tool development companies. Make sure they are a registered SaaS provider and your data’s are promised to be safe and secure in their hands. Also check for SSL while providing your credit card details before purchasing their membership. This will help you to play the game safe and have better service from them. Also if necessary, use any form of communication available on their website, be it live chat or email to make sure that they answers your queries. Go for something productive to do online, like happytodos, offering users a great pricing plan, storage and competitive features compared to any online web based project management tool.

Happy Todos 18th September 2012