Prioritizing tasks at work

Choosing an online project management tool may appear a cumbersome task. No doubt if you are using one you must be aware that not all have the features such as prioritizing tasks at work according to its deadlines. Once you login to see what’s in store for the day, you are buried in a pool of projects assigned to you. You are lost and you hardly have enough time to see which are the most important projects to start with? You are diverted because the list seems bulky and in the end before you could give a good start you lose one thing “Focus.” Focus is important as you can never work efficiently without having it on your mind.

Now imagine you have only few things to do or complete a day. You have time and you feel comfortable to start with any one of your projects and complete it effectively. Anyhow if you have this feeling you feel better to work. This is what happytodos intends to give you. Time for your projects and focus on it.

After you log in, happytodos will show you only the prioritized task that you have to do for the day instead of the long list of projects assigned to you. This helps you to focus on projects and work more creatively. You save time because you don’t necessarily need to hover over which task to start first. Perhaps the old way of remembering your projects overnight or even writing in your notebook/diary that I should be doing this first tomorrow is already been out of business and has come to an end.

Feel relaxed as you tend to start your work each day with happytodos. Concentrate on your projects and complete it happily with happytodos. Sign Up to start using happytodos.



Happy Todos 13th May 2013