Priorities keep changing in our life

Priorities keep changing in our life. Many things that happen are uncertain and sometimes we don’t seem to have control over it. Even though we plan and work as per schedule, there are many uncertainties that trigger our level of priorities and force us to change them. Because tomorrow is still unknown, we have to be ready to adapt with any kind of change, on our way.

Project needs are also dynamic by nature. Based on its requirements, priorities of some project keep changing and managers and other team members have to adjust themselves working under such circumstance.

A project which is a high priority may often tend to become less important because of delay in response from stakeholder. A project where much effort was made to accomplish because of its vulnerability may often yield no result because of unspecific reasons.
However, this is how organization will have to function keeping in mind the long as well as short term goals.

So, the more important, or less important is not really the subject matter. Overall the main objective should be able to have focus and control over present situation. I.e. to have control over task that needs to be accomplished now/today.

Various issues arise such as projects overrun budget, time and becomes almost vague to handle if not finished and delivered as required. So, setting project priorities is important to finish it on time and within budget. Also, project managers must make sure that all project needs are taken well care of and analyzed so, that priorities of a project does not keep on changing simultaneously one after other, in such a way that employee lost focus and attention towards work.

priorities in project management

Identifying constraints and future projects risk are variables that force managers to change priorities in project management.

But, changing priorities of projects based on these issues is not always a problem, if managed through cloud based online project management software like happytodos. As, it gives users a usual professional working platform to employees each day they login, which is to start working with the filtered prioritized task. So, once users login, even if project completion date or budget has changed, it is not an issue anymore, as one would possibly be working on the task that happytodos is showing in dashboard as most prioritized task to complete for the day. So, this becomes a habit not to confuse employees but rather allows them to focus more on to-dos to complete for the day.

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admin 14th September 2011