Plan Your Day

As I googled these three words:”Plan Your Day” to see what comes first in the search engine, I was overwhelmed to get the insight of the articles titled as “An 18-Minute Plan for Managing Your Day”. No doubt it is a wonderful and well written article focusing on every aspect of your daily work plan, focus and priorities for the day, but what I had one thing in my mind while reading it was “Why spent 18 minutes every day to manage your planning for the day.” My idea instead was starting the day straight away as you are ready to. But, it sounds quite unreasonable to hear me say, just to start working right away without any planning. Isn’t it?

But I do have a planning for the day for my projects or task to complete and my plan is ready every time I have a new project or task created and has been set in my project management tool. This is one great advantage of using a project management tool, for managing projects in project management practice.

Because, manually if you think of plan your day, basically what people and experts suggest you is to always have a pen and a paper. And then you note down the task that you have to complete, focus on most prioritized projects or task. To sum up, it seems that if you don’t have a pen and a paper, your day wouldn’t be productive because, or maybe you might not be able to plan your day. True?

In project management practice things might be a little different, because I rather feel one cannot remember all the projects that you have or you have to work on, with deadlines and budgets. So, the traditional way of noting down all to-dos in a piece of paper or your diary would be difficult and tiresome.

So, a proper, easy and simple web based project management tool would be of tremendous help. Helping you to plan your day with a list of to-dos that are most important to accomplish for the day! A list of to-dos that you have to focus on and need your utmost attention to meet the deadlines and come between budgets as specified.

A Project Management tool to Plan Your Day

happytodos is a web based project management application tools that exactly works as a daily work planner to start your work for the day. It schedules your projects and task on a daily basis to make sure you stay focused on projects that need your attention. No matter how many projects you deal with, but each day as you login you get to view the prioritized task or projects first. So, to plan your day isn’t difficult enough as you start working on your projects with happytodos. No need to spent time planning each day, as which project or task to start working on. Just login and complete the to-dos for the day. Also track time on how much time you spent on projects and discussion regarding it and enter it manually. Isn’t it a perfect way to be productive each day? Whether you like working 8-9 hours or overtime, you never run out of time each day to manage your task while working with happytodos. On the contrary you save few hours working on each project, as things are scheduled to give you the exact plan to start working for the day.

SignUp for your 15-day trialStart using it from today and save hours of time wasted on planning your day and stay focused on your projects.



admin 14th September 2011