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Project Work Plan

Here is a short presentation, on things to consider while preparing your project work plan. Read through and let us know how you feel about this Project work plan through your likes. How to make a project work plan? Project Planning Managing a project requires a great deal of planning and discipline. It is necessary […]

Project Managers

happytodos for Project Managers Knowing exactly when each task or project will be completed, without spending hours updating due dates with every change to the project Knowing who is working on what today without making phone calls or sending emails to find out(project managers do that at least for 2 hours every day) Focusing on […]

Real Time Project Management

Since project management has some crucial phases to undergo, it is necessary that time factor be taken seriously. Every project must be completed within budget and specified deadlines. A project undertaken without monitoring the time requirement and limit is just like sailing in a boat without oars. One cannot figure out which direction it is […]

How Many Hours Can You Work in a Day

How many hours can you work in a day? Mostly the standard hour of work for most organization is 8-9 hours a day. This varies primarily for some outsourcing firms as they tend to operate round the clock based on their work plan divided into many shifts. Whether 8 or 9 or 12 the real […]

Project Manager Software

How Project Manager Software helps managing project task and project related daily activities Are you a project manager or an employee or an executive? Whatever you are imagine yourself buried in a list of project and task to complete. You don’t seem to remember which project is more important for you to undergo and complete […]

Web Based Project Management Tool

Why use  Web Based Project Management Tool? Web based project management tool is a service software application developed for project managers, project based firms as well as freelancers to help in the process of managing a common medium to communicate, share instant files and collaborate with remote teams irrespective of distance and time variance. Web […]

Benefits of Collaboration

There are many benefits of online collaboration. Following are the key results that one can achieve through online collaboration software like happytodos. Enhanced productivity through continuous team spirit and constant collaboration. Effective management of resources available and better project management. Promotes creativity by sharing ideas in a team in times of critical need. Avoid conflicts […]

Web Based Project Management System

Why we recommend using a Web Based Project Management System? Well if you are really looking to save time, yet still being productive in project management, you have got to switch over from manual project management practice to web based project management system. Project management today has reached a level, where it has become difficult to […]

Web Project Manager

If you intend to manage projects with some comfort and ease all you need to do is choose good web project manager software that fits your team and organizational project goals. Web based project management software are excessively available over the internet with wide applications in many project based firms, and comes with multiple features […]

Project Management System

Defining project goals and project completion has never been easy. One has to deliberately try and understand its need and priorities before planning to execute it. And without a common platform for a team to collaborate and actively take part in the process of achieving a common goal, it becomes difficult to accomplish a project […]