Online Project

Are your  projects getting the right approach as needed? Are your  projects meeting the right quality and standards as specified by the stakeholder? Are your  projects making the most of your business and expanding the size  or client base? If not it’s better you start managing your each project as online project …..!!

Well managing projects, executing it rightly and finally delivering it to your clients is not always easy as it sounds. There is always a tit for tat in the process as one initiates and instigates the process to start with your employees or teams.

Why Online Project management?

Because, projects today are far more complicated than before involving higher investment, tighter deadlines, higher risk and demand for superior quality standards; so, higher level of communication, collaboration and integration has becomes very essential to take care of project development phases, so that an organization does not have to bear the risk and expenses of the need of reworking on it.

Project management in business may fail mainly because of few reasons such as lack of proper decision making tool or project planning, lack of standardized platform for sharing resource and information and less emphasis on communication.

But since new trend has been seen following in the field of online project management, so organizations can be assured of successful project management through use of various tools and techniques.

Internet has revolutionized things, and with the use of internet more organizations have now switched to using web based online project management and collaboration tools.

Traditional style of project management has almost become rare with involvement of online project management tools to manage projects online. Email was used extensively in traditional project management but it could not provide productivity to organizations as the resources shared could be access only by the sender and the recipient. But in today’s project management practice since more no of employees are seen involved so, web based application has seen to replace it. Also it gives freedom to employees to work from anywhere, from any part of the world. In this sense most of the organizations are now seen managing projects online rather than offline. As most online tools available today provides better scope and advance features to easily  manage projects online.

Online Project management tool

happytodos is a tool to manage projects online which has been developed to provide a comprehensive one stop platform to organizations, in terms of features such as communication, collaboration, time tracking, task priority, daily work schedules, track milestones, run real time reports and calendars.

One is fully able to see and work which project right now needs hand to support to complete as the tool helps sorting the list of projects created and filtered it according to its deadlines and time-frames. Its a great going when it comes to managing online projects with happytodos. So, sign up and start your projects straight away.


admin 14th September 2011