Online Project Planning

Knowing how much each project or even task costs you

Thanks to natural ‘as you go’ online project planning, its easy to calculate exact project cost by multiplying the number of hours spent by each resource x resource’s hourly rate.

Online Project Planning and costs

You can even get an estimate how much the project will cost you thanks to estimated time set for each task when its created. So for example you plan a project that has 30 tasks. You estimate that it will take a total of 50 hours to complete all the tasks. When your team members get to work on the task, they can also adjust the estimated time if the initial estimation was unrealistic. As a project manager you immediately see how that affects your entire project due date, other tasks and project cost.

You can also see how much the task actually took against the initial estimation to give you a better idea how to estimate future projects or raise a flag if something took much longer than expected.

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admin 14th September 2011