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Online Project Manager as part of the team

No matter how skilled employer or employees an organization has, the first essential thing to succeed in project management is through using the right resources, tools and techniques.

It is often observed that, many project based firms lack systematic approach to tackle various issues in project management besides having well qualified, potential and experienced intellectuals and employees.

Although effective project management mainly develops from effective communication and collaboration, but it is mostly seen that despite repeated attempts made by project managers and team leaders to constantly boost their employees in the process there seems to be an error or issues occurring in the whole process.

Besides, even now what can be seen very much into existence in some project based organizations is countless no of telephonic calls every day, bulk e-mails and constant reminders through word of mouth to employees about projects and task to complete. No doubt, there should be but if you think ahead of it in terms of better productivity and flexibility there are options to replace this phenomenon. And the perfect solution to this whole system is to opt for an online project manager.

Online Project Manager Tool

When talking about the former, don’t you think there are some problematic issues such as urgent based work need frequent call and what if one forget or misses the call? Or even if one receives the call; for various reasons such as unable to reach office at that particular time or not having the resource stored on his computer may abstain him from completing the work as required. This happens because the organization is lacking a common integrated platform to save all work and work related information in one place- An online project manager where all things needed can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

An online project manager will ensure full fledged transparency in the process of project management. The development, the progress of projects, all available and required resources can be seen and accessed by all members of the team involved in the process of project management. It doesn’t even matter where the person is working from, one has to just make it sure he does his part of work and update it on the application so that the system by itself can function to notify the other users about your progress done.

How many mails will your employee make each day? Perhaps to Cc, Bcc, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Rediff, etc…multiple accounts just for a simple update to various team members. Are you not fed up? Take a break.

Shift to online project manager, which lessen much of your work and functions much like an automated virtual manager for all employees involved in the project.

Have full control over all projects, project cost, project time, project quality, project risk, and project based communication effectively through an online project managerhappytodos.

It will give you more convenience acting as an online facilitator by managing the entire project management working environment, communicating with employees with constant feedback on work submitted and scheduling much of the project task in easy and simple steps. So what are you waiting for? Sign up ans start using happytodos today.


admin 14th September 2011