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How online project management software helps Project Managers & Business Executives in 2013

To understand how HappyTODOS helps Project Managers and Executives, it is important to

be familiar with the Top 5 problems Project Managers and Executives face right now.

The Top 5 Problems facing Project Managers and Business Executives in 2013 and beyond…


1.) Coordination

2.) Scheduling

3.) Costs

4.) Focus

5.) Reporting


How HappyTODOS helps Project Managers and Executives solve each of these problems in the following ways:

1.) Coordination – All your key Status updates, Distribution of Work, Verification of

Deliverables, and Communications, managed from one single system.

2.) Scheduling – HappyTODOS is more of an “Agile” software solution for Project

Management, calculating and re-calculating your Estimated Completion Dates versus

the desirable due date.

3.) Costs – HappyTODOS allows you to set hourly costs, for your Project Resources.

4.) Focus – Your team will never be distracted by the overwhelm caused by showing

them their next 200 to dos, and expecting them to make an executive decision

about which one to start with. Instead, HappyTODOS will only ever show them their

prioritised top 10 to dos for the day.

5.) Reporting – With HappyTODOS, your team will actually start to love Reporting

because they get rewarded every time they complete a task… Hence the name,

“HappyTODOS”. So it is a win for your staff and employees, and as Project Manager

or Executive, you win too because you now start to have up to 80% data integrity

compared with the norm of just 30% (and up to 40%… at best!)

More than a Project Management Tool, it’s your “Virtual Project Manager”

admin 14th September 2011