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happytodos is the best choice for entrepreneurs, freelancers,
small businesses and teams inside big organizations”

Team Members

Focus only on the most important tasks for the day, with reporting, collaborating and sharing files on each task. It’s simple and easy.

Project Managers

Drag and drop to set your task and project priorities, and happytodos will automatically schedule tasks and projects accordingly. See who is working on what, and get updated completion dates with each project change.

PMOs & Executives

Excellent team adoption and accurate tracking. Real time effort and progress reports. Team empowerment through collaboration and accountability.

  We used to manage all our wedding planning projects with an Excel sheet, trying to keep track of all tasks. And while it worked quite well, we were still relying on our email for most of project communication and sharing documents. Then, we tried MSProject and got buried in planning and updating project files instead of doing the work. Now we use happytodos and have everything organized in one place. Tasks, files, communications, everything. We don’t spend much time planning anymore, we just drop a task to the system and move on. When we need something done sooner, I just drag the task or entire project up the list and it immediately comes up in my teams to-do today list. But what I personally like about it is that I can immediately see how any change to a project affects delivery dates so I can adjust accordingly if anything is off track.

JOE RICHARDS, Wedding Planner



What happytodos Can Do For You


Daily Work Schedule

Each team member sees the tasks scheduled for them today, enabling them to focus on what needs to be done.

Automatic Task Scheduling

You just provide an estimate on how long a task will take, and happytodos will automatically schedule it based on your deadlines across all projects and resources.

Estimated Completion Dates

Add a new task or project, or change priorities, and happytodos automatically calculates and updates estimated project and task deadlines.


All of your tasks, projects, files and team members are organized on one, easy to understand, dashboard. See in seconds what your team is working on and talking about right now, and what are your own tasks for the day.

Drag & Drop Priorities

Just drag your project or task to the top of the list and let happytodos reschedule all work and resources in real time.

Collaboration & File sharing

With one central place to share tasks, files and time reports, it’s much easier to collaborate with your fellow team members, managers and clients.

Time Reporting

It’s much easier to track the time you spent on your task when it’s part of the workflow. You can use the built-in stopwatch, or enter it manually.

Happy Todos 19th September 2012