If you don’t know how long it took you, how will you know how long it takes?

Time tracking is vital to any project manager, team, and project. Tracking the length of time you spend on each project helps you see if the project is on track, it helps you give better estimates on future projects, it helps you understand where your project’s bottlenecks are, and when your team are tracking their own time, it helps them manage their own time more efficiently.

Of course, just like any other chore, team members aren’t always thrilled to bits at having to do yet another task just to report about the task they’ve completed. So sometimes they’ll tell themselves that they’ll add the time later (and forget about it), or they just won’t bother at all, or sometimes (and lets be honest here :)) they guesstimate the length of time, which is usually longer than the actual time they spent on the task.

All this, of course, defeats the entire purpose of time tracking. Project reports that are created are incomplete, inaccurate, and don’t help with future estimations at all.

Now, as we’ve told you before, at happytodos we aim to make managing projects easy again – for the project manager AND the team. So we’ve made it super-easy for team members to report exactly how long they’ve been working on each task, with an built-in timer for each task.

You’ve started a task? Start the timer. Completed your task? Stop the timer. Simple, right?

Happy Todos 15th February 2012