How Many Hours Can You Work in a Day

How many hours can you work in a day? Mostly the standard hour of work for most organization is 8-9 hours a day. This varies primarily for some outsourcing firms as they tend to operate round the clock based on their work plan divided into many shifts. Whether 8 or 9 or 12 the real question here is, are you totally productive in spending those hours on your work? Are you able to focus on task that you have been assigned? Are all from team productively been able to collaborate and contribute to deliver high caliber of work ethics and bring outstanding results? Or what is the thing missing that you need to check and change to bring results, enhance business plan and increase your profits?

For all project based firms that deal largely with projects to accomplish, these questions are really important to take your business to a new scoring success.

Effective time management should be a ritual for one to follow. Something that you firmly believe and hold on or stick to it every day! Now if you are being asked how many hours can you work a day? It is easy to answer if no one is going to evaluate it. You may work for just 8 and say 18 hours a day and have 6 hours of sound sleep. But if you are serious, no matter how many hours do you often spent on your work/projects, are you really able to accomplish it on time? If not ask why? If you are investing time on something and not able to complete, it’s just because that you are lacking focus on it.

Project Management Tool like happytodos, basically functions as an online project manager to manage projects, track time on hours work, and evaluates progress of each employee taking part in the project management process. It helps managers to get real time reports to know how many hours each employee has spent working on a project. Initially at the start, project managers can set estimated time for completing projects or task and employees can work on that basis. Or employees can also track time spent on all activities while working on a project and manually enter time to update managers.

happytodos is a time tracking web based project management tool, to focus on task and complete them on specified time and budget. It allows users to change priorities and deadlines so that your working hours fits well with projects and you are able to focus on them effectively. So, all hours worked minimum or maximum, happytodos helps employees to be productive and flexible while managing task and projects.


admin 14th September 2011