A good project management tool is like an aspirin

Project management tools are supposed to help you manage your project, not create more work and headaches. You’ve got your team to manage, your bosses to answer to, the client to keep happy, and the project itself to keep on time, in budget, and high quality. The last thing you need is a tool that you need to babysit, and micro manage every time something changes in the project scope – which, if you’ve managed projects before, can be a daily occurrence.

And that’s just one project. Now imagine you are managing five at the same time, with some of the teams also working on more than one project, with tasks, deadlines, estimations, and clients.

What’s one of the harder things to do? That’s right, changing deadlines and task priorities. In some cases, it can be a nightmare. All it takes is one team member changing a task from two to six hours means that you have to re-schedule all his tasks (and he was working on two projects), all the tasks that depend on his tasks, make sure that other team members have other tasks in place to manage – as I said, it’s a hassle. Now if this happens once in every project, maybe you can handle it. But we all know that in the real world these cases crop up all the time, and you need to start to scramble to make sure that your projects come out on time, and that your teams know what they are supposed to be doing.

This is exactly where a good tool comes in.

A good project management tool makes sure that you don’t have this headache. A good tool makes sure that all you have to do to change a task priority is drag the task up or down. That’s it.

Changing projects deadlines that are affected by this task and the team member it is assigned to?

Automatically done.

Changing other task priorities to make sure that all the teams continue working smoothly?


Re-scheduling his tasks to make sure that all dependencies are taken care of?

That’s what the tool is there for.

And THAT’S what a good project management tool does for you.

So go on, sign up for happytodos today, and see how easy it can be to manage projects!

Happy Todos 29th January 2012