Frustrated Manager

Are you frustrated by some aspect of your job and not sure of what to do? Does a tight deadline, heavy workload, scary emails, messages or any ongoing updates from your client de-motivate you at work? Or is it just that switching over from task to task has made you less efficient and  productive? Are you frustrated manager ?

Just relax, because I see more reasons to smile, as I disclose here in this article the secret to project management success.

Project management is not a rocket science, it is tough at times, but only if not equipped with proper tools and techniques and a project work plan.

Frustrated Manager – What are the reasons

One very common mistake, that most project managers make while managing business project, is not using a project management tool. Yes, a web based project management tool serves the purpose of almost all project need. A proper web based project management tool forms the basis of project management to address the various issues of a project. And more specifically, when managers are taking care of no. of projects of around 20-30 at a time, it is a must have tool to schedule work in a proper way. So, make a note, first and foremost way to avoid frustration in project management is to choose a web based tool, user friendly and easy to use for all and yet productive at the same time.

Second, a communication gap between your employee’s and a team can contribute to a larger extent of your frustration. As a manager make sure that you keep effective communication with your team and maintain the updates and progress reports on a regular basis. This will ensure that work or projects under your control are on track and time.

Third, proper resources allocations and identifying the key skills set within the environment that you work is very important. Project risk and errors are unpredictable, so make sure that you share the right resource and right skill, at a right time. Also, always be prepared for the next big step. A project with the right resource and the right skill is always a success.

Fourthly, most managers don’t always think it necessary to share information and progress with their stakeholders. This is a blunder, which must be avoided by any means. A project manager must always maintain a healthy communication and update the progress report and direction of projects for review. This will make the work a whole lot easier rather than seeing their participation in the project as a headache. Always keep in mind to give your stakeholders, what they deserve, not what you deserve?

Last, understand your workload. Keep your focus. Focus on one thing-one project. Stop multitasking, stop switching over from task to task very quickly with a thought to reduce your workload. This will never work. Take up a specific task or project which is a priority and have lesser time to be completed and work on it properly. Keep your focus on it until it’s complete, never go or start off another one. The term “workload” very often is a result of jumping projects to projects without finding a suitable reason to procrastinate.

I am sure by this time there won’t be any pressure or frustration caused to you because of anything called heavy workload stuff after reading this.

Cloud-based project management tool for Frustrated Managers

Finally, I would like to conclude this short article by saying, don’t let something else set your day, start working with happytodos-A comprehensive web based project management tool. See just the prioritized task and focus on single task and stop to procrastinate. Cheers….! For your projects!


admin 14th September 2011