Focus On The Task At Hand

There are certain small and tiny issues in project management, which are overseen by most employee and project managers. These issues no doubt are very ordinary to be brought tonotice but at times can create and act as a major obstacle or blunder in the process of project management.

Modes that prevent the employees to focus on the task at hand

a.)    Common mistakes made by employees to take up any project that interest him without taking prior concern of the time and budget.

b.)    Spending enough or more time and budget than reasonably required on some projects.

c.)    Procrastinating-merely because one have imagined some task of a project to be too heavy enough to bear or handle the burden of initializing it.

d.)    Excitement as a new project manager or employees to kick off all task or projects in a go to show his capability as a first impression among team members.

e.)    Maybe your office has shifted to a new location or building with perfect infrastructure and your excitement to work there seem no bounds or.

f.)    Working till late at night, late night parties, late night sleep can hamper your next day plan/activities making you less productive and stress you to rethink again and again as where to start the day, causing you to lose hours.

Happytodos will help you to handle these situations

Basically happytodos is a web based online project collaboration application to leverage productivity and efficiency for teams and organizations in the process of project management, by simplifying the stressful work load and making it easier to complete in easy and user defined steps.

Help your employees to be in Focus On The Task At Hand – They also want it!

If you are working with happytodos, these issues are never an obstacle for you. Start each day afresh by logging in to happytodos, where you see the most important daily task for you to do – you see a list of “Top Priority Tasks”. No need of filtering or refining your list based on deadlines and time frames as happytodos automatically does that for you. Based on your project priorities, time frames and deadlines, everything is reset. After each project has been completed the next task appears in your dashboard based on priorities that you or your manager has set while creating the project. happytodos, also highlights the estimated time to complete it and with the clean calendar near you, you are almost being more productive and timely in dealing with your projects.

If you are again too productive naturally, there is nothing to worry about. happytodos does not limit your working hours as you can continue with other task besides completing the to-dos for the day. So, if you would love to see and analyze about yours assigned projects you also have the option to see a list view of all projects created. Also, you can manually put your time spent on each projects and create milestones as required.

But besides everything that it offers the main concept is to have fully focus on task at hand. Firstly, focus on a bunch of task that you have at hand right now, completed it and save hours for other projects. Sign up and start using happytodos.

happytodos will definitely make you happy to manage your projects.

admin 14th September 2011