Focus on Task or Procrastination – What do you prefer?

Focusing on a handful of most important tasks without cluttering your mind with tasks not relevant for today (higher productivity)

No matter what daily task manager software you use to manage your projects or which techniques do you use to stay focus on task, usually each team member will get a list of all tasks assigned to him. That list can get pretty big, pretty fast. Let me ask you, how overwhelmed would you feel if you came to work one morning and saw you have 200 things to do?! Well, first you would stress about it a bit, maybe check your emails first… to avoid dealing with this huge pile of work on your desk for just one more hour.

Then, you would go through the list and try to ‘pick’ the tasks you are going to do today based on.. maybe the task’s due date, maybe it’s priority, maybe you just saw an email from your manager about something and you want to take care of it first. Hey, what time is it? What? Already 2 hours past? But I didn’t get anything done yet! Hello, procrastination.

Focus on task – one task at a time

Now, in happytodo’s world it looks like this: You come to work, open happytodos, and see just 5, yes, just 5 tasks you need to do today. You might still have 195 more, but that doesn’t bother you today, because you just don’t see it. Now all you have to do, is finish thouse 5 selected tasks on your screen and thats it, you are done for the day. What a great feeling to see the begining and the end, to go home with a feeling of accomplishment instead of the usual ‘Where did the day go? I didn’t get anything done! Now, of course you did, you were working all day, you know that. But that important thing you told yourself you WILL get done today in the morning… hmmm, still not done. Frustrating, I know.

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admin 14th September 2011