Estimated task or project completion date

happytodos help you to know exactly when each task or project will be completed, without spending hours updating due dates with every change to the project.

Most of project management software out there will have you spend hours on planning and scheduling projects. Of course a project should be sliced and diced into small comprehensive tasks, but that’s the easy part. What happens when you need to add a task to the project after it has begun? You guessed it – the entire project schedule shifts. And you, the project manager, is left to reschedule the project to get an updated view of how that one task affected your entire project’s due date. Now thats not fun.

In most project management software you will need to update manually the due dates of affected tasks, and that can take hours. In happytodos the project scheduling is ORGANIC. You can still set due dates for selected tasks if needed, or leave the entire scheduling to happytodos. You will not only know exactly when you can expect the task to be completed as soon as you add it, happytodos will even reschedule tasks from other projects to free a resource you need.

You are left with punching in the task, and the rest is taken care of. happytodos will schedule and recalculate for you. And the best part is – you still have control and can ‘bump up’ any tasks, any time. In today’s business world, where priorities change by the minute, project management has to be dynamic and less time consuming.

admin 7th October 2011