Employee Focus

There is no best way to define leadership styles, as the term leadership itself is defined as a dynamic process, which one has to adapt with changing circumstances and situations. A project manager who has handled certain situations very efficiently may not show the same result in other cases. This may be because of variations in needs from one situation to other, for example, employee focus, plan the day and more.

Employee focus is one role that project manager has to take part in the process of management. It is indeed a tough responsibility as managers are often seen as monsters rather than leaders. So, what is the best option for project managers to keep their employees focused? Focused on work, focused on task and focused on projects!

How to keep your employees focused on work ?

Focus may be achieved through positive attitude and clear vision of doing something. A steady state of mind is the very basic requirement to focus on something that you do. But in terms of work and organization there are many factors which shift an employee from focusing on doing his things productively. This might be company’s strict procedures and regulations, promotions, less pay, employee conflict, manager’s aggressive behavior, office politics, or even a coffee vending machine in the office cafeteria might shift your focus to something else.

But, apart from these, the major concern of losing grip on focus is the good no of projects and project based work assigned upon employees/teams; the deadlines, the budget, the complex nature of projects, the fear of not being able to execute task in the right way as desired by the stakeholder.

So, taking into account all such factors, to focus on things to-do’s on a daily basis becomes a common problem for each and every employee.

And in order to cope with all such  internal as well as external work related issues a project manager may adopt using online web based project management software to make things simpler and keep employee focused.

happytodos is a web based tool rendered to stimulate every small aspect of project management to bring into notice all employees and focus merely on daily task schedules. It is such a tool which will brainstorm all workers to integrate, collaborate and deliver success oriented project results.

No matter how tough things or projects might be at the end of the day, if you are working with happytodos, you will be very much able to judge that your day has been productive and effective enough. Because, it does not just list the projects that you have created but also allow to schedule your task based on priorities to complete and act like an online project manager by constantly keeping track of all projects time-frames and deadlines, notifying users working on that project.

Keep your team committed and responsibly by integrating them with happytodos, so that they can focus more on work rather than random office activities.

Project managers can keep all employees focused through web based tools like happytodos by constantly following up the updates given by his team and leaving a clear feedback or instruction as what should be done next? Sign up and stay focused on your projects with happytodos.


admin 14th September 2011