5 Ways to get employee focus on task

Employees often do not focus on task important to the business due to large work load. One of the ways to help employee focus on task is present him with limited number of tasks at a time.

How to get employee to focus on task

With business priorities changing daily, and work loads increasing exponentially, its hard sometimes to focus on the task that is important to the business. Instead employees often procrastinate or choose small and easy tasks they feel like working on.

As a manager it is important to you to make sure efforts are invested on areas of most impact on the business at any given point in time. To help employee focus on task and reduce procrastination try the following steps:

1. Establish good task management system in your business to keep work organized and allow you to easily keep up with changing priorities. You can use any project or task management system such as happytodos.

2. Allow each employee to see only a hand full of tasks that are of the highest priority to your business right now. A good rule of thumb is to give your worker 5 to 10 tasks to work on each day (depending on the amount of time each task takes to complete on average).  You want the employee to have enough work for one-two days only. Enough to create pressure and keep him motivated, but not enough to overwhelm him into procrastination. You can use HappyTodo’s Task Tray feature to do just that. It will automatically display each team member only a limited amount of tasks in top priority, enough for an 8 hour work day (you can change this to 16 hours if you like).

3. Require accountability – when your employee has to report to you each day what he has been working on and what amount of work hours were invested, he will be held accountable and motivate himself to meet your quota. happytodos makes it easy to report time on each task as natural part of the work flow, during collaboration. This also helps increase the percent of billable time reported since employees don’t have to report on separate time sheets at the end of the week, when they mostly make things up as its hard to remember Thursday what you worked on Monday.

4. Create motivational system to encourage performance. A healthy contest is always a good motivator. We will be introducing a performance based point system in some time, to allow team members earn point based on their performance. Subscribe to our blog to be notified on this release. In mean time, you can reward your employees offline to encourage focusing on tasks important to your business.

This worked well for us in the past, and still does. The take away from this is not to overload employees with too much low priority work, just show them a hand full if tasks that you need done today or next couple of days tops.


Happy Todos 16th December 2011