How to get employee to focus on task at hand?

Do your employees focused on right tasks?

Many a times a manager gets frustrated with his employees. Two major reasons usually are poor productivity and attention being given to not important tasks.

Unless you are micromanaging each employee, often time you have no idea what they are working on at any given moment and whether the tasks being worked on are really the most important tasks for your business right now.

How to get employee to focus on task at hand?

To manage work effectively, many use project management software to organize the work and distribute the tasks among employees. However, most project management software out there focus on the project aspects alone, leaving the employee without any real value added to their daily work processes.

Now, what if you had a project management system that allowed you employees to see only the most relevant tasks to your business without cluttering their minds with rest of hundreds of things to-do, that may be irrelevant for today? happytodos does just that.

happytodos is a very simple and effective tool to manage your work force while dripping down tasks that are of highest priority to your business, allowing the employee to focus on few tasks a day, the tasks you actually need them to work on that day.

happytodos also does the prioritization of work for you. It automatically calculates the most important tasks across projects and across resources. Project priority and individual tasks priority are calculated real time across the entire work load to push up tasks that are high in priority, have due dates to meet (very important).

Check out happytodos here with free trial for up to 3 project.

admin 8th October 2011