Delegating Work

Delegating work to anyone with an email

Delegating work and tasks to anyone with an email without him having to be a member of your project first. Your task will be delivered to the assignee by email with invitation to register to happytodos free of charge and use it to work and report on tasks the way you need them to. Only project managers pay for projects, your team can use it for free.

Done with your part, and need someone else to finish it? No need to create new task, you can simply ‘pass it forward’ by reassigning the task to the next person along with already accumulated information and files. No need to explain everything all over again and create duplicate information. One task can roll across resources until it’s completion giving you transparency on the task’s entire life cicle and all relevant information to the team members as they progress.

Sign up to happytodos and delegate your work to anyone using happytodos without additional user license costs.


admin 14th September 2011