Daily Task Manager Software

A week ago, I got an urgent call to attend a meeting for which I was not ready but at the same time could not ignore to miss it. I had much of my work to complete and manage the weekend with stuff that I missed last time. So, it was hard for me to decide as which one to go first. As I sat on my table and observed the notes that I created to follow the day, it was totally frustrating and I was completely exhausted.

Things can be frustrating when you have a regular set of task to perform and you miss a day or two. And probably to recover from such workload is like healing your lost mind. You take a long deep breadth, just to say- Thank God; things are finally settled and are in place again.

If you look at the bigger picture, every slightest thing is a project for you. While you are at work, the smallest thing to do occupies your brain as next level activity. In fact you have so much list to-do that you run short of a couple of hours every day. And at the end of the day as you sit down to relax you have a realistic thought  as “Wish I had some more time each day to finish the work.”

Daily Task Manager Software

Imagine a virtual task manager which revolves around your projects to monitor your task and hours you have worked on projects. A daily task manager which schedules your work based on priority and time frame that you have set in. An alarm for every important task to complete a day!

Since you spent much of your time and energy to schedule your work in a much organized way! Things would be easy enough if you had a virtual manager to track time, save some  and get extra hours for your projects. Isn’t it?

This is exactly what daily task manager software does. It gives you time, when you don’t have it; It gives you liberty to think of your activities based work; it gives you access to your important to-dos without hampering your plan for the day.

Plan your own task as well as assign task for your employees. Share and allocate resources, use templates of previous work to show your employees how to work, create new projects instantly and save hours of your daily work.

Daily Task Manager Software – happytodos

happytodos is a daily task manager software which lets you to track time of projects worked daily, see your most important task to complete for the day, update other employees/manager, create reports of your work and save much of your time which you spent trying to sort the list of projects you would like to do.

It works as a daily task scheduler showing your priority based work as you login to it reminding you of deadlines and estimated time frame to complete the same.

No wonder, if you don’t have the most prioritized task to complete for the day, you still have option to have a look at all the list of task or projects assigned to you.

Save time, save your projects and enhance your business signing up for happytodos. Have full control over your activities using a Daily Task Manager Software like happytodos.


Happy Todos 18th September 2012