Why use a cloud-based project management tool, not desktop software?

With the advent of web-based applications such as Google Docs, Zoho, and others to replace desktop tools such as MS Project, Outlook and Excel, more and more companies are turning towards online – or “cloud-based” project management software solutions as well, instead of the desktop software they used to use.

Cloud based project management tools have several significant advantages over desktop software that make them cheaper, faster, and easier to upgrade.

No installation or updates

As the tool is web-based, there is no need to install any software, so even relatively light-duty PCs can use the tool. All that is required is an online connection and a browser. Not only that, but when the tools are upgraded, and new features released, there’s no cumbersome process, or disks and drivers that need to be updated – just log on to your tool, and the latest version is there for you to use!

It’s easier to manage outsourced teams

Many companies have already realised the value of outsourcing some of the more time-consuming elements of projects – but managing them has become a challenge. Different software and hardware mean different tools, different time zones means keeping the project up to date get harder – in short, with desktop software, there are plenty of issues that can creep in and delay the project. With web based project and time management software, everything is easier. All the teams see the same version, the project manager can update everyone on the fly, and people can see straight away what they need to do, regardless of their time zone or geographical location.

No Data Compromise

With desktop tools, you needed to maintain more than just the workspace and hardware for the tool itself, you also had to keep hardware to keep everything backed up. If there was a problem with your database, you would have to work very hard re-creating your projects on whatever project management software you were using. With cloud-based project management tools you don’t need to worry about being backed up – everything is backed up on the cloud on remote servers. In case of an emergency, all the data is restored in no time, so all your projects remain on track.

Cheaper or free for smaller teams

Another huge benefit for small companies, or start-ups who just finding their legs and managing their first project, HappyTODOs is completely free, with no limitations. You can manage as many projects as you like, and with as many members as you need to add. Have fun!

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Happy Todos 4th December 2011