Benefits of Project Management

Knowing who is working on what today without making phone calls or sending emails to find out (project managers do that at least for 2 hours every day)

As great as project schedules are, you have to constantly make sure the project is on track. Just because it was scheduled to be finished by the end of the month, doesn’t make it so in real life. Priorities change, special requests come from above, someone got sick, another guy is on vacation, something took longer than expected… and who the hell is working on What? Yeah… fun.

A project manager spends at least 2 hours a day ‘checking up’ on things and making sure all are working on what is most important. How great would it be if you could know exactly what tasks are being worked on today and by whom, without having to make phone calls or send emails to find out?

Benefits of project management brought to you by happytodos

happytodos has a unique way of bringing this information to you, in real time, and saving you at least 2 hours a day to do other stuff.Each team member gets a dynamic Task Tray with a handful of most important tasks to the business today. The Task Tray contains only as many tasks as the team member can complete in one working day (even if he is part time employee), and only the most relevant ones for today. As a project manager, you get to see what tasks are in today’s Task Tray of each employee, only you see it per project.

In other words, you come to work, open happytodos and walla 5 tasks lit up, these are on your employees table today. You can immediately know what they will be working on today and can even view task correspondence to check out details or maybe add a comment. You can also ‘make’ an urgent task pop up on a team member’s Task Tray without calling or emailing him!

Sign up and save yourself few hours a day starting now.


admin 14th September 2011