Monthly Archives: September 2012

Project Management App

Take the challenge out of project management React to project schedule changes within minutes, across resources & projects. Collaborate with teams, share files, report time. “happytodos is the best choice for entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses and teams inside big organizations” Team Members Focus only on the most important tasks for the day, with reporting, collaborating […]

Be productive online by using project management tools

To be productive online it is useful to have a good project management tool. Project management tools have been developed launched and reviewed by users. And only those survived and sustained in business, which have the potentiality of meeting the complex and crucial phases of project management and maintained a proper strategy of its presence […]

Daily Task Manager Software

A week ago, I got an urgent call to attend a meeting for which I was not ready but at the same time could not ignore to miss it. I had much of my work to complete and manage the weekend with stuff that I missed last time. So, it was hard for me to […]

Web-based Project Management and Collaboration Tool

Internet is changing the way people are conducting business over the world. The presence of World Wide Web (www) has made many things easier and fast in our daily life. Be it to gather information or other resources, the best thing people love to do nowadays is to Google it on the internet. And the […]