Monthly Archives: December 2011

We’ve been reviewed by MakeItHappen

We’ve been featured before in KillerStartups and FeedMyApp, but the MakeUseOf blog, a daily blog that features cool websites, computer tips, and downloads that make you more productive, took things one step further and gave us a totally awesome review. It’s always fantastic when features you work hard on to design and implement are the […]

5 Ways to get employee focus on task

Employees often do not focus on task important to the business due to large work load. One of the ways to help employee focus on task is present him with limited number of tasks at a time. How to get employee to focus on task With business priorities changing daily, and work loads increasing exponentially, […]

Project Management For Small Business

happytodos is much more than a project management for small business. It is your automated project manager. Create a project, list all your milestones and tasks and assign them to anyone with an active email address. happytodos does the rest: Project Management for Small Business All the work, across projects is prioritized based on the […]

Why use a cloud-based project management tool, not desktop software?

With the advent of web-based applications such as Google Docs, Zoho, and others to replace desktop tools such as MS Project, Outlook and Excel, more and more companies are turning towards online – or “cloud-based” project management software solutions as well, instead of the desktop software they used to use. Cloud based project management tools […]