Monthly Archives: October 2011

How to get employee to focus on task at hand?

Do your employees focused on right tasks? Many a times a manager gets frustrated with his employees. Two major reasons usually are poor productivity and attention being given to not important tasks. Unless you are micromanaging each employee, often time you have no idea what they are working on at any given moment and whether […]

Task Priorities – differentiate task importance across high load of information

Most project management software constricts its user to a predefined priority schema. Usually you get High, Medium and Low priority to choose from. We at happytodos decided to give you the power to prioritize your tasks according to your unique needs. happytodos uses the priority system to calculate priority points for each task across projects. […]

Estimated task or project completion date

happytodos help you to know exactly when each task or project will be completed, without spending hours updating due dates with every change to the project. Most of project management software out there will have you spend hours on planning and scheduling projects. Of course a project should be sliced and diced into small comprehensive […]

Work for as many hours as you want

Whether you work part time or full time, just punch in the number of hours you want to work per day, and happytodos will make sure to create a daily schedule with just enough tasks for you to finish that day. You can also mark what days you work Sunday through Saturday. Just go to […]

Did you know? Closing task will add a comment with time reported

When closing task from project management screen an automatic comment is added with time report equal to the original estimated time. This is handy when you are closing several tasks from the project management view, you don’t have to manually enter each task to report worked time. The system will automatically add a comment “Task […]