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Task Management Project Or Why You Should Take Task Management Seriously

Managing tasks in a project is a day to day work. Projects are broken into smaller tasks so that every aspect in project management process gets a holistic approach. All factors should be considered: specific deadlines, estimated budgets, available resources and so on, so that the project is a total success. To undergo all these activities […]

Web Based Project Manager – your virtual assistant

We call our web based project manager a Virtual Project Manager. Think of it as your virtual assistant that will distribute work across resources & projects based on the business priorities.
You can change the priority by simply drag and dropping more important tasks or projects to the top of the list on your project management screen.
Your team members (and you) get a daily list of top priority tasks right on happytodos dashboard.
You can start your day with a quick look at happytodos dashboard and get a bird’s eye view on any project progress. You can deal with any sudden change in business priorities, the customer demands, your manager requirements and any project schedule changes, within minutes.
Try our web based project manager now and create more free time for yourself, while keeping all ticking along nicely.

Web Project Management Software And The Occult

Web Project management Software is becoming more and more popular every day. The demand for online project management applications is expected to triple by end 2014 alone. Web project management Software – what changed? Most of web project management software out there will have you spend hours on planning and scheduling projects. Of course a project […]

Online Project Management Software

How online project management software helps Project Managers & Business Executives in 2013 To understand how HappyTODOS helps Project Managers and Executives, it is important to be familiar with the Top 5 problems Project Managers and Executives face right now. The Top 5 Problems facing Project Managers and Business Executives in 2013 and beyond…   […]

Online Project Management Benefits

Online project management tools are increasingly becoming common because of their ease-of-use and overall flexibility.Online project management software systems have a number of native benefits. The first one is the ability to access all the data at anytime and anywhere, collaborate globally and its also easy to maintain.Compared with desktop project management programs, online project management application provide a fast, flexible, and cheap solution to start managing team projects. happytodos is a powerful  on-line project management software and collaboration tool  that will improve your team’s effectiveness and work productivity.

Web Based Project Management application = “Right Hand Man”

“Time is money, money is time” and “lost time is never found again” are quotes which are attributed to Benjamin Franklin. They should be the mantra of every department manager, project manager, team leader, employee and stakeholder involved in bringing a project to successful fruition; certainly in the fast paced business environment of the early […]

Project Management Software can be your Automated Project Manager

happytodos is much more than a project management software It is your automated project manager. What a Project Management Software can do for you and for your team? By using project management software, your work becomes more simple. You just need to create a project, list all your tags and tasks and assign them to […]